Horse supplements

At PS-Fit2Go, we understand the special care your four-legged companion deserves. Our horse supplements are designed not only to perform but also to promote the vitality and well-being of your horse. Explore our extensive range of equine supplements, including specific formulas for coat, joints, stress management, and older horses.

Our Horse Supplements:

  1. Coat Love: Give your horse's coat the shine it deserves with our special coat supplements. Developed to support a healthy coat from within, our supplements ensure a radiant and well-groomed appearance.

  2. Joint Love: Preserve the resilience of your horse with our joint supplements. Designed to promote mobility and keep your horse agile, so you can continue to enjoy your time together.

  3. No Stress, More Love: For horses that need extra support in stressful situations, we offer 'No Stress' horse supplements. These formulas contain carefully selected ingredients to promote calming effects and help your horse relax.

  4. Old But Gold: Older horses deserve special attention. Our supplements for older horses are formulated to support vitality, joint health, and overall well-being, allowing your faithful companion to age comfortably.

Why PS-Fit2Go?

  • Pure Quality, Pure Love: Our supplements contain only the finest ingredients. We make no compromises in quality because your horse deserves nothing but the very best.

  • Personalized Advice: Have questions? Our team is ready with expert advice. We are horse enthusiasts ourselves and understand the unique needs of your companion.

  • Easy Ordering: Order conveniently online and receive your horse supplements directly at your doorstep. Fast delivery and customer satisfaction are our priorities.

Optimize the health and happiness of your horse with PS-Fit2Go. Discover the power of targeted horse supplements and give your horse the care it deserves. Order today and invest in a healthier future for your loyal companion.